5 Life Hacks for Picking Up Doggy Doo-Doo

November 3, 2014

Welcome to a new week, dog lovers! Today we’re making the best out of bad situations, like Mondays, cold weather, the flu and of course, having to pick up doggy doo-doo. If you own a dog, you know the utter despair of having to grab a handful of steaming fresh poop every time you take your pooch for a walk. Living in New York City, a lot of dogs do all their business outdoors, which means many handfuls of warm, mushy doo-doo. We’re here to rescue you from this disgusting but necessary task, with 5 Life Hacks for Picking Up your Doggy’s Doo-Doo. You’re welcome!

Life Hack #1 Invest in a poop bag dispenser
Our first life hack for picking up doggy poop is investing in a poop bag dispenser (if you don’t already have one). These little gadgets are the most useful thing a dog walker can ask for and most of them click easily onto your pooch’s leash or on a belt loop. They’re inexpensive, come in all kinds of crazy and cool designs and will ensure you have easy-to-use poop bags on every adventure you and your dog go on!

Life Hack #2 Freeze it!
OK, this one may be a little strange but we promise it works! There are a few products on the internet (like Poop Freeze) that allow you to “freeze” your dog’s poop by using an aerosol spray that stiffens it up, making it easier to pick up. These products also eliminate odor which is great for queasy dog owners. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

Life Hack #3 Get a portable pooper scooper
You can find anything on the internet these days, and portable pooper scoopers are one of them. If you’re extraordinarily disgusted by picking up after your dog, investing in one of these bad boys is a viable options to make walkies less stressful and to stop leaving those doodies in the park when you think no one’s watching. Take a look around Kickstarter and Amazon and you’ll find just the right pooper scooper for you and your dog’s waste.

Life Hack #4: Constipated pooch? Try pumpkin.
This life hack may not help relief your duty of picking up poop, but it will help your pooch out of a sticky situation. If your dog is constipated, you could spend hours waiting for him to “make” while waiting around embarrassingly as strangers walk by. Avoid one of life’s most awkward moments and help your pooch feel much better by feeding him pumpkin. Whether it’s canned, cooked or pureed, mix it with your pup’s food and look forward to a happier, “regular” dog. Just make sure it’s not spiced pumpkin!

Life Hack #5: Diarrhea? Try chicken and rice.
The opposite problem can be just as embarrassing for you and painful for your dog. If your dog has a runny tummy, it can be impossible to pick up after him. This calls for the old chicken and rice combo! Feed your dog some boiled chicken and rice, extra bland, for a few days. That should sort out the problem and your dog will think it’s a delicious treat! Also, if your dog is looking down and not feeling great, you can add some chicken broth to their water bowl and give them some extra help to feel better.
Got your own dog hacks? Share them with us and we’ll share them with the world! Leave your dog hacks in the comment board below and on Facebook. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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